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Name:草津 錦史郎 (Kinshirou KUSATSU)
Birthdate:Sep 12
Location:a bus somewhere

This is an RP journal. Kinshirou is from That One Magical Boy Anime, aka Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
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Interests (80):

abusing power, ancient buddhist temples, archery, arima you're doing it wrong, atchan atchan atchan, atchan belongs to me, atsushi kinugawa, being an ethereal tsundere prince, being capital-d dark, being evil, being my own leader, being obsessed, being possessive, binan high school, blowing shit up, bridging the tsundere/yandere divide, bully in charge, bureaucracy, but i am quite calm, calligraphy, clovers, coffee, conquest, dark but not edgy, decade-long sulks, definitely not curry, destroying the press society, die in a fire yufuin, do it yourself yufuin, doing better, entitled as fuck, evil and i like it, evil makeovers, france, french food, getting mad and throwing things, getting rescued, grace under pressure, hedgehogs, high heeled booties, i hate aliens, i hate reality tv, i hate the press society, i have minions not friends, i've made a huge mistake, innate timesenses, inspirational office quotes, kin-chan-sempai! hakone no, look look at me atchan, magical bling, making the rules, not genre savvy, obnoxious rich kid, obstructive bureaucracy, personal privacy, planet evil, pretentious as fuck, protective eyeliner, purple lipstick, really just needs a hug, ruling the world, shining in radiance, slippery slopes, soulmates, sweeties, tactical rule making, taking it too seriously, tea, tea ceremony, the sacred binan student council, the winter of my discontent, tiny tsun nya, tsun tsun tsun, wagashi, why can't anybody make tea, wishing on stars, world domination, writhing in darkness, yandere as fuck, your club is not okay
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